Katie Ferrara

Katie Ferrara is an award winning alternative pop singer/songwriter from Los Angeles who writes positive,  honest and authentic music with an ethereal flair.  She has released several albums as an unsigned independent artist  including “Dream Catcher” (2016) and “Break Free” (2020). Both albums were funded by the generous support of her fans off social media.  Her music can also be found on the Season 5 premiere of the Hallmark TV show "Good Witch". 

Katie began her career as a busker on the streets of Burbank, CA as well as Farmer’s markets all around Los Angeles. It was on the street that she honed her craft as a performer and artist. He first major breakthrough into the music industry was through the Toyota Feeling the Street program in 2015. She was flown to New Zealand along with 5 other performers from around the world to perform at the annual Queenstown Winter Festival. After participating in the global contest, Katie booked her own tours across Europe playing in Scotland, Italy, Switzerland and Germany at notable summer busking festivals. She has written about her travel experience in a book called "Stories from the Street". Her second major breakthrough as an indie artist was in 2019 after winning first place in another online music competition called “Musicash”. The contest concluded with her performing with her band at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles. 

 These days Katie live streams her performances to her Facebook music page as well as Instagram and Twitch. As a QSC audio artist, she performs covers and original music at 5 star hotels in Los Angeles as well as songwriter venues such as the Hotel Cafe. She is also passionate about aligning her music with charities and causes such as Whole Planet Foundation, Children’s Foundation of America and Water.org. Katie is currently working on her second full-length album which will be released in 2021.