11 People You Will Meet on the Street

I've come up with a list of archetypal people I always seem to encounter while busking.smile emoticon


1.) The Old Veteran Musician Type: 
Maybe he never quite made it in music but thinks he can help you…

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Strangers in the Dark

Everyone deserves love. Music is my form of giving love. It's really the only way we can truly understand each other when words can't express emotion.

People ask me why I busk. I can't say I do it for…

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The Golden Ticket

I feel like I'm on a treasure hunt right now. I decided to drive out to Santa Monica and play on the pier. I parked several blocks away on Idaho and 2nd street because there's free parking and I thought…Read more

Flowers and Motorbikes

At 8:30 my cellphone buzzed and I hit snooze. I don't want to get up. I'm tried. I had a long day yesterday. Got up at 6am, went to work and subbed for a spanish class, got home and…

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