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Thanks for stopping by! I can't believe its 2020 already! That means that this website has it's 10 year anniversary! It's been a long journey for me in music. This year I will be releasing my first full-length album produced by Independent Music Award winner Patrick Joseph. Please save 2/15/20 in your calendars and if you live in LA, I will be celebrating at the Hotel Cafe with a full-band and all my friends opening up the night! I can't wait to share with you all the great news I have this year. Stay tuned. 



Upcoming Album Release show

Upcoming Album Release show

Winner of Musicash Season 1

Thank you everyone for voting for me in this online competition! The Grand Finale was held at the Orpheum Theatre in November last year and will be online in the next few months so you can watch!  Because of your online vote, the votes of the live audience and the judges I won first place for the prize of $40,000! 

Moreover, MyBurbank News wrote an article about the win. Many thanks go to Jim Riggio for the write up! 

When I receive the funds from Musicash,  I know it will be life changing and I am very grateful this opportunity in my career. THANK YOU! 

If you are ever in Burbank you may Recognize my Face

Mural painted by George Shallhoob.
Find me on Google Maps! Simply type in Katie Ferrara Mural and you'll find the pin

Mural painted by George Shallhoob. Find me on Google Maps! Simply type in Katie Ferrara Mural and you'll find the pin

If you are ever wandering around downtown Burbank you may see a familiar photo of me painted on a utility box by the Gap store on the corner of Palm and San Fernando. I often used to tell people that this street corner has been a monument in my mind because it was where I started street performing and doing my music full time. The next thing I know, artist decided to paint me there!  This image will be painted on the block for as long as it will last-maybe my whole life-time if it still manages to stay in tact. Check it out if you get a chance! 

Living in Black and White Music Video

Here is my latest music video directed by moi and filmed by my friend Louie Gooie! It stars my friend Anthony Marks as my boyfriend. The video was shot at the 2019 Festival of Lights in Riverside during the holiday season. A couple years ago I played this festival and thought it would be the perfect place to film this song. Living in Black and White is about letting go of the past and the bittersweetness that comes when we start a new year. I think this is one of my favorite tracks from the upcoming full length album Break Free! Check out my other music videos under the original music tab. 

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