Custom Songs

Are you looking for a unique way to say "I love you" to your significant other, or want to give someone a special birthday present? Are you looking for a song to tell the story of your business or non-profit organization? Do you want to  to remember a historical figure or someone who has passed in your family?  Why not gift a loved one with a personalized song written by an award winning songwriter? 

A custom song is a great way to tell your unique story.  Katie will craft a song and make an acoustic recording with just her vocals and guitar in her home studio. She can also take your song to the next level and  record with a full band in the studio! The process involves filling out an initial questionnaire, follow up phone call, a rough demo recording and one revision before Katie records the final product! 

Standard delivery is 4-6 weeks. 


For pricing on each package plus any "add ons"  please fill out inquiry form first. Thank you


Custom Song Packages

One Minute Jingle 

-A verse and chorus recorded on my iphone

-Signed lyric sheet 

Acoustic Recording

-Song length will be 2-4 minutes 

-Singing and Guitar Ukulele or Piano

-Signed lyric sheet 

Full Band Studio Recording 

-2-4 minute song

-Includes mixing and tracking engineer fee

-Includes studio rental fee 

-Includes 2-3 studio musicians to record bass, drum, guitar or keyboard

-Includes mastering

-Signed lyric Sheet 

Add Ons

-Live online performance on song/ hangout (1 hour max) 

-Video Performance of the song for Youtube 

-Live acoustic performance anywhere in the US and abroad (not including travel expenses such as flight, gas, hotel etc) $1000

-For signed lyric sheets outside USA shipping costs may vary

-Full band recordings may have extra fees due to varying studio costs, musican rates and extra mixing hours.

Sample Custom Song Video


 1.) Who owns the song?

Katie will own the copyright of the recorded song, and keep 100 % of the songwriting and publishing royalties  to the  to the finished song. Options to purchase the rights to the song as well as mechanical and sync licenses are available for an additional fee. This can be discussed before or after Katie writes your song. You are welcome to share the song with friends and family but nothing is to be shared publicly. By commissioning a song, you agree that Katie may re-work, record and release the song in the future. 

2.) Can I provide my own lyrics or cowrite with Katie?

Absolutely!  Katie can write her own lyrics and melody from the initial questionnaire (Please provide as much detail as you can and be as specific as possible). However if you chose to provide lyrics, melody or music, at this point, this is considered co-writing and you must register with an PRO such as ASCAP or BMI. A songwriting split sheet will be signed.  If you chose not to register, then Katie will own 100 percent of the songwriting and publishing royalities from the cowrite. 

3.) What if I don't Like the Song? 

There has never been a client who didn't like a song Katie has written, but if there's anything you really don't like in the song, please email katie directly to discuss any changes you would like. Please make sure you listen to her original songs as well as some of the samples up on this page. Katie will work hard to create something special that can be treasured forever! 

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