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Katie Ferrara is not your typical songwriter and working musician. When you hire Katie to play your wedding or special event,  you are working with a world class, award winning independent artist who has successfully toured across  the US, New Zealand, Europe, the and UK. Katie is a hard working musician who puts her heart and soul into the music she performs. She has humble beginnings,  promoting her music from the ground up, busking for hours on the streets of LA while also playing in 5 star resorts and hotels along the California coast. 

 Her expansive cover song list not only includes folk and pop genres from the 1950’s to the present, but each song is performed with a special acoustic arrangement and artistic interpretation. While many artists consider singing covers a laborious endeavor, Katie uses each song as a platform to transform her emotions into something beautiful and meaningful. She is remembered for making every song uniquely her own as opposed to trying to replicate the original recording. 

 Her original music can best be described as authentic and uplifting yet sometimes containing a magical and ethereal flair. She composes on the guitar, ukulele and piano and her voice is similar to artists such as Natalie Merchant, Joni Mitchell, Norah Jones, and Sarah McLachlan. She has worked with sought after producers such as Warren Huart (The Fray, Aerosmith), and multi-instrumentalist Fernando Perdomo (Jacob Dylan, Fiona Apple).  Her last two records Break Free (2019) and Dream Catcher (2016) were produced with Independent Music award winner Patrick Joseph. 

Whether you hire Katie to sing the ceremony, cocktail hour, first dance or reception for your wedding, she can do it all,  solo, as a duo or with a full-band! 

She often learns songs specifically for events and can even write a custom song for your loved one. This is a great gift as a recording or performed live. Katie specializes in writing love songs not just for weddings and anniversaries,  but also to remember people who have passed, to celebrate life, or give words of encouragement to people going through a hard time. 

She has also written custom songs for charities including, and West Coast Care to spread awareness of social causes. 

“It really would be hard to walk away from a Katie Ferrara show without a smile on your face.”  -Music Connection Magazine 

“Ferrara is very humble about herself” – My Burbank News 

“Her voice is beautiful; familiar, yet unique. Katie mixes some covers with originals, and frankly, I can’t tell which ones are hers, and which ones are not - that’s how good her songs are, and that’s how seamlessly she makes the covers her own.” -Headliner Magazine 

Katie has also been featured on KTLA 5 News, and her original music has been on the Hallmark Channel’s TV show “The Good Witch”.

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Katie Ferrara

I wrote this song for which is an organization that brings clean water and sanitation to people all over the world!

Special Thanks: Gary White and Alix Lebec
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