Draw the curtains back
Let the light break through the cracks in the windows
I got a lover on my left and a friend on the right
One of them is pleasure and the other one is sight
And I lost my head, for a the wrong reasons
It should’ve been you, and now my body don't won't to move
When you take away the labels the warning signs disappear
Cause its hard to get to know someone without fear

Well a kiss is just a kiss and words are just sounds
What really matters most is when you wake up and they're still around

Well I knew this when I met you
And I didn't want to lay it out
Cause playing all these games gets sorry for the turnout
And the difference between the left and the right
Is a little conversation each day
One of them can talk and talk
The other one's got nothing left to say

Because a kiss is just a kiss, when love is not around
What really matters most is when you can hold somebody when they are feeling down and out

So let me take your picture and hold it in
I'll frame this on the wall
And watch it from a far
Cause getting close to you
is something that I can never do
Because a kiss is just a kiss, unless I fall in love with you