Strangers in the Dark

Everyone deserves love. Music is my form of giving love. It's really the only way we can truly understand each other when words can't express emotion.

People ask me why I busk. I can't say I do it for the money. I do it to feel a sense of connection with the world. I really can't stress how important it is to give without fear. Get to know the strangers around you. They aren't really strangers at all.

Tonight I was playing on the promenade and a young man about my age sat and listened for a while. When I stopped for a break, he threw some money in my case but I noticed that he was crying a bit. He pulled out this AA coin and told me he wanted me to keep it because he wasn't coming back tomorrow.

I felt like something was wrong. I'm not going to go into details but I spent the last hour hugging him and convincing him not to take his life. He said he had a relapse, and the military left him with nothing to live for. I really hope he's going to be ok.

It just pains me to see people feeling so alone. No one should ever feel like that.